Kit extractie ARN total -Monarchâ„¢ Total RNA Miniprep Kit

Caracteristici standard:
Specificatii complete
Capacitate de imbinare  100 µg ARN
Marimea ARN ≥ 20 nt
Puritate A260/280 in general ≥ 1.8, A260/230 in general ≥ 1.8
Tissue Input up to 20 mg for high yield tissues
  up to 50 mg for low yield tissues
Cultured Mammalian Cells and Blood Cells (PBMC's, WBC's) Input up to 1 x 107
Mammalian Whole Blood Input up to 3 ml
Bacteria Input up to 1 x 109
Yeast Input up to 5 x 107
Plant Input up to 100 mg
Elution Volume 30 - 100 μl
Yield varies depending on sample type
Compatible downstream applications RNA Library prep for NGS, RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, Northern blots