Kit de revers transcriere si amplificare - Luna Universal One-Step RT-q PCR

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Product Name Luna® Universal One-Step RT-qPCR Kit
Kit Components: Luna® WarmStart® RT Enzyme Mix (M3002S/L) Luna® Universal One-Step Reaction Mix (M3005S) Nuclease-free Water (B1502A)
Shelf Life: 18 months
Storage Temp: -20°C
Specification Version: PS-E3005S/L/G v1.0
Effective Date: 02-Dec-16
Functional Testing (One-Step RT-qPCR) - The Luna® Universal Probe One-Step RT-qPCR Kit is functionally tested in One-Step RTqPCR with human RNA template, resulting in a standard curve with a calculated qPCR efficiency of 90-110%, and a dynamic range of 8 orders of magnitude.